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Coming Out of Hibernation for Some February Fun

Hibernation: (n) hi-ber-nay-shun

1. a state of dormancy in animals in which annual rhythms slow the heart, breathing, and metabolic rates to a minimum, and said animal spends an inordinate amount of time in protective quarters.

2. synonyms: lethargy, dawdling, loafing and shiftlessness.

Snap out of it!

This is no time for dawdling at home. Increase that metabolic rate by doing two things:

Plan a getaway to Seaglass Village during “February is for Lovers” month; and

Make your summer reservations now so you’ll have beautiful, warm, sunny beach days to look forward to.


Book Cottage 150 for a peak week summer vacation and receive a $150 restaurant gift card as a bonus!

Offer good for Cottage 150 only. Make a booking between 2/7 and 2/21/2024 for a 7-night stay in peak season and receive a $150 gift card to Billy's Chowder House or or New England Chowder House. Book directly with our rental office for the best rates. Contact us for more information.


Take a Break from the Cold

Preferably, with someone who can help keep you warm!


Plan a romantic dinner at Angelina’s Ristorante for that special Valentine in your life. Named after the chef/owner’s grandmother, Angelina’s has a long list of Italian classics and has been described as the most authentic Italian food and wine restaurant in Maine. The ambience is compared to an Italian villa in Tuscany, so whether your visit is a celebration of Valentine’s Day, or perhaps a more

auspicious event (proposal, maybe?), you will make a lasting memory here., 207-646-0445.

Yes, please make reservations.


Stretch Those Legs

Stretch Those Legs

While you are on that much needed break from shiftlessness, check out the

outdoor events at Laudholm Farm for the month of February. From wildlife

tracking to exploring “nature through a variety of creative lenses”, to

invigorating, (and possibly romantic) moonlit treks, there are plenty of

adventures to keep cabin fever at a minimum. Additionally, if a proposal has

been made while feasting on Italian specialties, or gazing in your loved one’s

eyes on a moonlit walk, inquire about the Farm’s wedding venue. You’re there,

after all., 207-646-1555


Enjoy a Treat from a Local Icon

Ever drive by Congdon’s Restaurant at 1090 Post Rd., Wells, ME and wonder

why cars are lined up on Rt. 1, and people are congregating out the door?

Simply put, Congdon’s strive for the best in everything and, according to Food

and Wine’s list of “Best Doughnuts in Every State”, (2022), they have achieved

their goal.

Originally located in Kennebunk in 1945, the most popular item on their menu

was and continues to be doughnuts. The business relocated to Wells in 1955

where doughnuts continue to be #1, but their apple fritters are not to be missed


The family business continued to expand and now, in addition to the restaurant,

which serves a family friendly menu, they added their “Food Truck Park After

Dark” in 2017, a seasonal home to 10 food trucks, two bars, live entertainment,

and 100 plus picnic tables for a whole lot of family fun throughout the summer

season. It is the only food truck park in New England operating daily during the

summer. Free parking and admission.

Sign up for Congdon’s Reward Club to earn points toward a “Loyalty

Certificate”, redeemable for free food or merchandise.

Be sure to visit Congdon’s while on vacation in Wells and you will understand

why cars line up before dawn.



It’s time to plan your getaway to Seaglass Village. Summer is right around the corner and peak weeks are filling in with reservations. Our repeat guests know that Seaglass Village cottages and amenities far surpass other hotels and short term rentals. Here are some of their comments:

  • Cottage was nicely decorated and felt like home.

  • Everything we needed was provided.

  • The cottage is spacious, yet cozy.

  • The prices are very reasonable for the area.

  • Beautifully decorated. So clean!

  • The golf cart was an added bonus.

  • My kids loved it. Would go again in a heartbeat!

  • If you want a beautiful Southern Maine experience, you can’t go wrong with Seaglass Village.

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